Kids and Wedding Receptions

Let’s face it, wedding receptions are not exactly the most ‘kid friendly’ place. So many times I receive the invitation in the mail for a friend’s wedding reception and am faced with the difficult position of deciding whether to hire a sitter for the night, spend the whole night chasing my child around, OR just not go at all.

No parent wants to be the ones glared at by guests as their kid runs all around the venue, spilling things in their wake. My son is very well behaved, but sitting at a fancy table, in uncomfortable clothes as the adults chat, mingle, and go through the whole shebang of a wedding reception (cocktail hour, bridal party entrance, dinner, toasts, cake cutting, first dances) would make even the best behaved child antsy and miserable. By the time my son would get to the part he enjoys (the dancing) it is usually his bedtime and he has spent the whole evening getting scolded.

On the flip side, trying to find a sitter on a weekend can be difficult. Add more than one or more children to the mix and it can be near impossible! Not to mention that in most cases when it’s family getting married, it is important that the kids be a part of it.

Here’s where a fantastic solution comes into play: The Kid’s Wedding Reception. Not just your typical ‘kids section’ at a reception (that usually results in colored walls and loss of deposit), but rather sitters that are hired to attend the receptions and supervise and entertain the minor attendees. It can either be a special area just for kiddos, or even better: another room. Kids could enjoy every part of the wedding reception in their own way! Here are some ideas for a successful Kid’s Wedding Reception:

  1. Kid Meals: Dinner for them could be pizza and juice, It can even be made fun by having it served to them by waiters that call them ‘sir’ and ‘miss’

  2. Activities could be placed around their place settings, allowing them to color, do puzzles, play games and more!

  3.  Kids LOVE photobooths! Setup a mock photobooth with fun props and have a supervisor or older kid take photos that can be later sent to the parents

  4.  I Spy games can be created for the kids by giving them a checklist and a disposable camera to “collect” each item on the list

  5.  Movies and popcorn are always a great form of entertainment for the kids. Lay down blankets and pillows and have the kids sit ‘picnic style’ around the tv.

  6.  Build forts! Have small tents or blanket forts made with lights hung on the inside, with books and flashlights inside

  7. KIDS LOVE TO DANCE!! Have kid friendly songs playing and a space designated for all the crazy moves they can possibly pull off!

  8.   Confetti Sendoff. Get lots of those confetti poppers,  or if it’s outside you can use bubbles, or candy sprinkles. Every time a kid leaves, they get a “send off” and the other kids toss the confetti or blow the bubbles as they leave just like you would do for a bride and groom.

  9.   Bounce House. If it is outside, you can rent a bounce house for extra fun !

Your parent guests will be so appreciative for your thoughtful consideration of their situations. You will shine even brighter in their eyes as they not only get to enjoy celebrating your day with you, but also know their children are enjoying themselves as well while still being very well taken care of.

If this concept appeals to you, and you’d like to be a ‘kid thoughtful bride’, Event Design can help you pull it off! Check out our Wedding Sitter Services here.