What To Do With The Dress

I am one of the brides who chose to keep her dress. But not because I expect my daughter (if I ever have one) will want to wear it, but because I am overly sentimental. I am not emotionally attached to many material things in this world….but the thought of parting with my dress pains me. So, silly as it may seem, it shall remain preserved in a box in my attic. But ever since I heard of “Trash the Dress” photo shoots, my inner eccentric artist has been dying to do it. Trash the Dress is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant perfection, with ugly destruction. This contrast results in some stunning and powerful images. 

I told my husband of my desire to Trash the Dress and begged him to join me. We had been married for 6 years and our lives had become a hum drum routine. We were in a love rut and I knew this is just what we needed to get that spark back. I had found a similar dress to mine online that someone wanted to get rid of for $50. That was all I needed. With the help of two photographers and a videographer, we set out on what would be one of the most exciting and fun date nights my husband and I have ever shared.

We found a perfect spot and the cameras were set. I was a ball of nerves as each of us held our paint filled water balloons in hand, aimed at the other. “GO!” yelled the photographer and the moment paint exploded onto the dress I felt overwhelmed with childish glee. Paint, Champagne, and fireworks filled the air and an all-out battle ensued with my best friend. We laughed, and kissed, and hugged. We shared in a crazy moment, and it was beautiful. I would do it a hundred times over. I would give up 10 dinner and a movie dates, to relive this moment again (And cost wise, I suppose it would even be cheaper!).

I love looking back on the photos. Every time I examine them I feel that it captured what my husband and I’s relationship (and marriage) is really like.  Love and life is a beautiful mess. The attire symbolized our sacred ceremony and bonding to each other. The photos from the wedding day depict us in our most perfect state. But that’s not our true selves. Aside from one perfect day, love itself is not perfect at all. It becomes quite messy. You fight. You change. You get worn down.  But despite this, it can still be beautiful, Filled with love, laughs and fun.  Every time I look at those photos, I’m reminded of this and thankful for the beautiful mess we share. THAT is what Trash the Dress truly means to me.  

So if you are not a bride intending on keeping her dress. I urge you to trash it. Perhaps save it for a few years, and do it at a time that the two of you truly need it most. It will be a memory you treasure for a lifetime.

Check out the video here. Contact information for the photographers and videographer who were involved in making this shoot happen, can be found below:

A Sound Impression

Liliedahl Imaging

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