GO BIG RED! Weddings during Husker Season

Are you planning a wedding during Husker Football season? Here are some things to consider.  

I have plenty of brides who say “But I don’t care about football, My husband and I aren’t huge fans, neither are our guests”. You could be absolutely correct. However, it doesn’t matter if every single one of the guests hate the Huskers. Your guests will still be paying triple for rooms, Finding a venue and caterer will be near impossible, Guests will have no parking, and tailgaters will be everywhere. It does not lend itself well to a wedding environment. Not to mention, if you do have guests that are fans, you can bet they will be at the nearest bar with a tv, or checking their phones every two seconds for the score.


“But I don’t need to worry because I’m planning my wedding on an day where the Huskers are at an away game.” Ok. So, this would seem like a good idea. Prices may be lower and venues easier to find. However, guests will still be checking the score or wanting the venue to play the game. Despite this, there has even been occasions when games get switched and what was thought to be an away game is now going to be a home game. In the meantime, you’ve booked EVERYTHING and planned EVERYTHING and you are still stuck with the Husker atmosphere, parking problems, and score checking.


“No problems here. I’m going to have my wedding on a ‘bi-week’ where there is no games at all!” To that I reply: “You and every other fall bride”. Fall weddings are becoming more and more prominent for good reason, it’s beautiful and the weather is great! But now every bride in Nebraska is eyeballing those days that Huskers don’t play in the fall. These will be the dates that cost just as much as game days because now every bride is fighting for the same vendors, and hotels are booked with other bride’s wedding guests. It is important to plan your wedding plenty in advance if you are having a wedding in the fall. The second that fall football schedule comes out, it’s a bridal frenzy.


Perhaps you and all your guests are crazy Husker fans and the wedding party is sporting their colors and you plan on having the game played in the background during your reception. These weddings are always a blast! Cost and the crowds don’t matter much to you because for you, Husker season is a part of who you are and you feed off the energy instead of pushing against it. To these weddings I say “Party on fans, party on!”


My Advice: Be aware and plan early. OR avoid football season at all costs, unless you’re willing to embrace it and sub your veil for a corn cob hat. 


Happy Planning!

Shelly Richardson (owner)