Food For Thought

Photo Courtesy of Studio Orange Photography

Photo Courtesy of Studio Orange Photography

The number one thing that guests criticize at an event is often the food that is served. You work so hard on your event’s overall feel and look from the decorations, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, to the cake design. The food should not fall by the waist side. Don’t leave a bad taste in your guest’s mouth by choosing a caterer with a bland or uninspiring menu selection. There are so many unique twists and presentation ideas for food available and often still way within budget! Here are a list of things you should consider when choosing the meals that are best for your wedding or event.

1.       Theme:

Make sure your food selections match the theme you are trying to achieve. For example, a BBQ menu would NOT be an appropriate for a formal black tie affair (Regardless of your love for those glorious saucy ribs). But it would be PERFECT for that barn or outdoor wedding with the laid back wholesome family feel!

Culture might also be a factor to your theme. You might be having a theme inspired by Asian design, so having a uniquely Asian inspired menu would emphasis the atmosphere you are striving to create. Or perhaps your theme is your love for travel? If so, why not include various stations with gourmet flavors from all over the world!?

2.       Timeline:

What time is the meal taking place? If you are serving food around dinner time, then make sure your menu is that which will be a complete meal. Appetizer or Hordourve menu would not be adequate sustenance for a hungry crowd lacking a filling meal. However, if your event is taking place after the normal dinner hour and a cocktail themed reception is what you crave, then heavy and stylishly assembled hordourves are the ticket!

What if you want to provide something for your guests late into the evening when dancing and drinking has struck their appetite? Why not host a late night food station? Usually brought out around 10pm and can consist of untraditional wedding delights such as a taco, nacho, or pizza bar.

3.       Presentation:

Dazzle your guests with your food display. Arrange your food station at different heights using risers (often times just boxes underneath the linen). This provide dimension to your display. Are you having a buffet? Include a carving station! Guests will drool over their meat being sliced in front of them. Plated dinners offer the guests the luxury of being hand served rather than waiting in a line. It improves your guest’s overall experience. OR you can try the newer twist on your food service by making it family style! In this option, platters of each menu item are placed directly on the guest’s table like a feast. Guests choose their own helpings, passing the dishes around like they would to family. All the joys of buffet options (choosing what goes on their plate and how much), without getting up from the table, while creating a sense of family togetherness.


4.       Seasonality

When making menu selections, you should also consider the seasonality of certain options. This will ensure you are serving your guests the best quality produce. Fresh or not, food always tastes better when it’s in its peak season. For example, if you want to serve a veggie option for your fall wedding; instead of choosing green beans or broccoli, serve squash, sweet potatoes or corn! This will likely also keep your cost lower. Also, by choosing comfort foods for fall and winter, and lighter or grilled options for spring and summer, you ensure that your overall meal will reflect the season.


If you love the food a caterer creates, then book them and remember that just because they have list of menu items posted, doesn’t mean they can’t make other things. Listen to your caterers suggestions and let them build the menu that’s right for you! There are so many unique options available to you and your guests. From flavorful bite sized versions of classics, breakfast for dinner, or dessert bars stuffed with every sweet treat your heart desires, there is sure to be something that will tantalize your taste buds! Happy Planning!